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Low step frame, eye catching colors

Some people like vanilla color, some like to have a bold eye-catching look., so we decided to make it true red, matt black and vanilla. For some reason, women like it vanilla.

Straight Frame + Alloy wheel

“Feels like everybody’s looking at me”, ” I have a strange smile spread on my face while riding” were some of the lines we’ve got from users… it’s always nice to hear…

The Beast! Electric Scooter

The Jager Eagle Electric Scooter has a detachable saddle ( detaches with the seat post) and has a powerfull spec.

Jäger Bikes ® specializes in design, development & manufacture of electric bicycles. Ebikes!

At Jäger Bikes we skillfully design, manufacture and market high-quality and stylish electric bicycles for your daily commuting.

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There are many small details that make an ebike design good, in our opinion. These include noise, wear and tear reduction, power management for longer ranges, user behavior and more…



Design is our passion. Most of the time we spend on frame design and user experience. The final look of the bicycle as a whole, is important to you, therefore important to us.



Since the market of bicycle components is full of great products, we can easily select the range of components for the best value and performance. Of course anything can be upgraded at any time.

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